New catalogue out now

MINT team is extremely proud to introduce you with our latest full range printed catalog. Even it sounds heavy and full of strong, inspirational images and information, catalog itself i very light and airy to the touch.  It has been quite a while ago since our last printed catalog, from then we have new product additions as well as a whole BLACK EDITION range.


This time we made accent on macro images, that show wooden texture and velvety MINT finishes.

As now we have four different type of wood finishes available, you can expierience them all displayed in interiors all trough the catalog. Our iconic stool "Screw- bench" now appears in various colors and sizes, that gives you the option to be creative and play around with different accents for your home. 


With this catalog you will be introduced to our newcomer - BLACK EDITION.

Most of our furniture now is available in black stained ash finish on request. This color has revealed a new, edgy look for MINT, it is provocative and calm at the same time. It benefits and embraces the classic MINT furniture silhouette to a whole new level of being "fragile".


We truly hope, that this catalog will inspire you to bring even more pastels and timber textures in your home .

You will see how MINT Furniture lives within various interiors, from homes to offices and even shop displays.

You can download Your pdf. catalog version here or request the printed version by your local MINT Furniture dealer.


ieva andzane