Collaboration with Nohrd - wooden fitness innovations

Last year MINT had a great opportunity to exhibit together with NOHrD - timber sports equipment brand.

We use similar materials, modern design approach and same quality standards to produce our products. Together we represent a whole home/modern office living concept, where sports equipment naturally blends within our living space.


NOHrD timber fitness equipment is produced in their own factory.

NOHrD's priority is to be environmentally conscious and responsible by using all that comes from the forest in their timber production : wood and bark are raw materials, there is nothing to waste.
Surplus wood is used to produce heat and hot water in our facility. NOHrD further produces their own solar energy on a surface spanning 1500 sq.m which powers our machinery.



You will experience NOHrD love for detail in each of their products!

Manufacturing and hand-assembling also enables NOHrD to easily meet any individual requests you may have. Do not hesitate to ask for custom-made details. NOHrD looks forward to meet your fitness equipment demands.


We aim to inspire our MINT costumers for a whole new approach on how to design your private gym.

For your inquiries on your future project ideas and to purchase NOHrD products, please get in touch with us by email

MINT Furniture is the official represenative for NOHrD sports equipment in Latvia.

For more information please visit

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